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Emerging from the Great Pandemic Lockdown

What did you do in the fight against Covid-19?

We did our bit by keeping our R below 1

We've certainly got to know our house a lot better after 10 weeks of social distancing by staying home. Like everyone else we've learned how to operate almost entirely through a Zoom interface - work, checking on the family, pilates and dance practice.

Andrew's work on pandemic risk went from theory to grim reality as he had to live through a scenario he had published six years before. Now the real challenge begins. Finding a cure for an infected economy that is in intensive care.

Coburn-Mulligan Gazette 2019

is available here

And in case you've lost your way, this is the home page of the Coburn Family: Andrew Coburn, Helen Mulligan, Alice Coburn and Henry Coburn.

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