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Dragon Boat Racing 

Thanks to everyone who participated and supported the Risilience team in the Dragon Boat Races in Cambridge this weekend. The only problem being that it happend to be the hottest day of the year to do energetic things…


The Risilience team acquitted itself admirably, with the 5th fastest time of 35 boats in the qualifying rounds, progressing to the semi-finals, and missing out by 0.8 of a second on being a finalist. Andrew learned that when it was his turn to beat the drum, the crew’s performance noticeably deteriorated: the incentive programme of providing fallafels worked much better.


The event raised over £10,000 for Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust, Cambridge Hospital. Thanks to everyone who donated to support the team and contributed to a worthy cause.

Botswana Safari 

Our safari holiday to the wetlands of the Okovanga Delta in Botswana.

and see

Botswana 2023

for details and the full photographic record.

Saving Private Brian


We visited Normandy to visit the D-Day landing beaches and invasion zone on the 79th anniversary of the landings, together with old school chums, Andy Greene, Martin and Kate Webster (AKA 'The Brians').

and see

Normandy 2023

for details and the full photographic record.

Coburn-Mulligan Gazette 2022

Our annual round up of news and trivia

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