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Launch of Solving Cyber Risk


Andrew has a new book out, Solving Cyber Risk, co-written with colleagues Eireann and Gordon, de-mystifying cyber threat for beginners. The book is being unleashed on a world tour of launch event parties at Cambridge on Jan 8, London Jan 21, New York Feb 26, and Washington DC on Feb 28. Come and join the cyber fun!


Available now from Amazon.com

East African Adventure


Helen and Andrew headed off to Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania in October 2018 in search of wildlife. Close up and personal gorillas and crocodile-vaulting wildebeest were key highlights, with all of nature red in tooth and claw.  Andrew couldn't pogo as high as a Maasai warrier, so no female favours for him.


Coburn-Mulligan Gazette 2018


The round up of our family year features in our on-line Gazette. Catch our stories about our adventures in East Africa, Helen's movie production, Andrew's change of work status, Alice's adventures in pharmaceuticalland, and Henry's struggles against evil publishers.


Making Movies: Ex-Audio


Helen's started Inigo Productions, together with a friend, Zoe Cunningham.   Their first venture is a micro-budget short – ExAudio, a psychological ghost story - shot in the Møller Centre at Churchill College.  September saw a preview screening at the Møller, followed by a Q&A session with auteur and star.


As a further feather in their cap, they’ve been picked to join a European-funded programme run by ProConnect Herts, supporting the business development plans of SMEs in the film and TV sectors, based at Elstree Studios.

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