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Bumps for Hearts

The Bumps for Hearts Gift of Hope fund 

We hold the Bumps Party to raise money for the British Heart Foundation in memory of our family members that we have lost to heart disease.


Please make a donation if you can, at: 


Edna and Ian Mulligan, Len and Sylvia Coburn

The fund continues the work of Dr. Ian Mulligan, Helen's brother, in combating cardiac death, by supporting research into heart disease. Ian died of a heart attack in 2007. He was Consultant Cardiologist at Milton Keynes General Hospital, where he set up a cardiac lab for new treatment procedures. He published research, funded by British Heart Foundation, on sudden cardiac death.


The Bumps for Hearts fund is in memory of Ian, Edna Mulligan, her sister Joan, and Len and Sylvia Coburn, who are much missed at our Bumps parties and every day.

Joan Kirrane, 1929-2016

Most recently we honour Joan Kirrane, who died peacefully on 28 February 2016. Joan was Helen's aunt, the much loved mother of Michael, Pamela, Stephen and Christopher and grandma to Marianne, Barrie, Tom and Lucy.  

Donor Thanks

More than 250 people have generously donated to the fund so far. We are extremely grateful to all of you, and in particular to our top donors:

  • David Dutton & Mave Turner
  • Jane Olver
  • The Purkiss Family
  • Alan Pates & Ruth Ruggles
  • Mike & Joy Walter
  • Paul & Gill Withers
  • Nick and Julie Gray
  • Chris & Alison Martin
  • Theresa Ormiston & Eric Wolff
  • Harry Montresor and Sarah Rogers
  • Anne Cooper & Simon Ruffle
  • Peter Ulrich & Family
  • The Wray Family
  • Prof Ian Leslie
  • Adrian & Archana Hogarth
  • Dougal & Penny Goodman
  • Ray & Penny Chudleigh
  • Alan & Anne Punter
  • Rowan Douglas & Ana Gonzalez Pelaez
  • Rosie Johnston
  • Danny Ralph & Amanda Wauchope
  • Dickie & Patti Whitaker
  • David & Tina Crowther
  • Martin & Kate Webster
  • Jerry & Liz Bailey
  • Fiona Duncan
  • Emily So
  • James & Susan Jackson
  • David & Janet Owers
  • Melinda Rigby & Andy Dames
  • David & Michelle Tuveson
  • David Braben and Wendy Irvin
  • Jonathan & Ruth Platt

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