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Andrew's Work

Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd. 1987-1992

Andrew has worked in risk analytics since he finished his PhD in earthquake risk, and founded a consulting company, Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd., in 1987. He worked as a consultant on earthquake risk, disaster relief and recovery, for clients such as United Nations and major charities. He published Earthquake Protection, in 1992. 

CARtograph Ltd. 1992-1998

Andrew started a spin-out product company, CARtograph Ltd. in 1992 which provided risk models and geographical information system (GIS) software to insurance companies. He acted as Managing Director of CARtograph and guided it through to acquisition by DMGT, its principal investor.

Risk Management Solutions, Inc. 1998-2018

CARtograph was acquired by DMGT in 1998 and merged with US-based Risk Management Solutions Inc, the world leading provider of catastrophe modeling software. Andrew and family moved to the RMS headquarters in California 2002 to 2006. Andrew continued to develop new risk models for RMS for the next 20 years, including mathematical models of the risk of earthquake casualty, terrorism, pandemics, longevity, and cyber. Andrew published Solving Cyber Risk in 2019.

Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies 2009-2021

In 2009, Andrew was one of the founders of the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies, a research unit of Judge Business School at University of Cambridge, serving as the Director of the Advisory Board. In 2018, Andrew became Chief Scientist at the Centre, where he directed the research, and helped with fundraising and commercialising the research outputs to support the activities.

Risilience Ltd., from 2021

Andrew helped spin out a start-up business from Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies, initially as Cantab Risk Research Ltd., while in development mode, and then rebranding as Risilience Ltd., with a Series A investment in 2021. Andrew has served as Chief Executive Officer of Risilience since 2021.

Helen's Work

Helen is a director of Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd., and provides consultancy around building design and energy use, including shrinking cities and energy-efficient construction materials.

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