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Bumps & Carnage Party

Bumps & Carnage 2018

We hope that you will be able to join us for the 20th Coburn & Mulligan Bumps & Carnage Party.


Confirmed date: 16 June 2018

2pm to 6pm

Bumps & Carnage 2018
Cambridge University College Rowing Races


Saturday 16 June 2018

Attendance by invitation only


Provisional Programme


2:00 pm - Drinks and Welcomes on the Lawns

2:00 p.m. Women's Division 3

2:45 p.m. Men's Division 3


* 3:00 p.m. Group Photograph *


3:15 p.m. Tea in the Marquee

3:30 p.m. Women's Division 2

4:15 p.m. Men's Division 2

5:00 p.m. Women's Division 1

5:45 p.m. Men's Division 1


Rowing orders for the boats in each division can be found at


Please wear a hat.


Photos from previous parties can be found here.

Bumps for Hearts fund

We ask that Bumps party attendees make a donation to our Bumps for Hearts fund for the British Heart Foundation in memory of our family members and other Bumps attendee regulars who we have lost through heart disease. They are much missed. Many thanks to all of you who have donated to the fund over the years to bring us to such a great cumulative total.


Donations can be made at:  http://lastinghope.bhf.org.uk/bumpsforhearts

Guide to the College Boats
A handy spotter's guide to help you identify college boats from their oars
Guide to the College Boats A5.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [72.1 KB]

For photos from our most recent Bumps & Carnage party, 11 June 2016, click here.

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