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Ditton Corner

Bumps 2016

Rowing carnage, flying cameras, and comeraderie on the banks of the Cam.

It was a day of exciting rowing activity. At the start of the day 22 boats were on for winning their blades for achieving a fourth consecutive bump. 18 achieved it and carried their flags past the assembled crowds on the riverbank. Unusually three of them were in the top divisions where blades are rare. There were 54 bumps on the day, many of them right at Ditton Corner - the best place to see hot and furious rowing carnage, as is well known. Most spectacular rowing achievement goies to Churchill W2 who managed a double over-bump (bumping a boat 5 places above them) on Thursday. 16 boats were awarded spoons (were bumped on all four days), including almost all of the boats of Christ's College, Andrew's alma mater. Needless to say, Helen's college, Churchill, had yet another glorious year of rowing bragging rights.

Bumps for Hearts fund

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to our Bumps for Hearts fund, to bring the total fund after gift aid to over £20,000. Our fund supports the British Heart Foundation in memory of our family members and other Bumps attendee regulars who we have lost through heart disease. They are much missed. Donations can be made at:  http://lastinghope.bhf.org.uk/bumpsforhearts

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