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House Project

The Ditton Corner project - to convert an old house into an acceptible family home - ran from late 1999 to early 2001.


Stage 1 was the emergency work, to make sure there would be a house waiting for us in the spring. While this was going on, Stage 2 was in planning - the work to turn it into our family home.


We had lots of ideas. But of course, you can't just carve up old buildings: you need Planning Permission, Building Regulation clearance, and (if you're really unlucky) Listed Building Consent. In the course of a few weeks, we worked through many, many schemes - and talked to a lot of people - to make sure that we ended up with a house that we and the authorities were happy with.


After creating a set of presentation drawings to submit for Planning Permission, and getting them passed in record time, Helen produced the package of working drawings describing the actual construction. Our friend Katie Thornburrow drew up the specification for the work and administered the contract.


The old house was pretty radically rebuilt. A lot of structural steel went into reducing its earthquake vulnerability and we thought some floors and a roof might also be useful. We put a big rooflight in the centre of the house and built a lot more toilets (well you can never have too many, can you?) in a couple of new extension pieces.

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