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Andrew's 60th

Coburn at 60


Andrew kept young at heart at a Bond-themed movie party to transition to his seventh decade at Arts Picturehouse Cambridge, 23 December 2016, surrounded by friends who dressed up in James Bond outfits and helped him not to act his age.


And thanks to Max Thompson for making him do silly things for the movie tribute...


Agent 00-60

Party Photos

Bond Survey Results


Thanks to everyone who took part in the James Bond survey to choose the move for the evening. You chose:


Worst Bond of All Time

Timothy Dalton (narrowly beating even George Lazenby)


Suggestion for Next Bond Actor

Benedict Cumberbatch

Idris Elba


Suggestion for Bond Girl name:

Sexy McSexface


Most Popular Bond Movie - selected for playing at the party at Arts Picturehouse



Note that Goldfinger also ticked the boxes of many of the other survey preferences, including:

- Best theme song

- Most popular henchman (Oddjob)

- Most popular Bond actor (Sean Connery)

- Second most popular Bond Girl (Pussy Galore, after Honey Rider from Dr No)

- Both of the top two best lines: ("The name's Bond, James Bond"; and "Do you expect me to talk? No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die.")


Runners up to Goldfinger for Best Bond Movie were:

2nd choice: From Russia With Love

3rd choice: Spectre

4th choice: Skyfall

5th choice: Live and Let Die

The Making of... Agent 00-60

The Previous Time Around


Some of you may recall Andrew's 50th (ah, so young!) when the Bond franchise rebooted with Casino Royale. How smart we all looked in our tuxedos and Bond outfits.

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